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We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of Chiropractic services in Missouri.

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Who we are?

 Dr. Longo has attained post graduate credentials that have led to him having status through both chiropractic and medical academia as a Trauma Team member, Interdisciplinary Hospital Qualified, Primary Spine Care Provider, and Pediatric Chiropractic. These credentials are subsequent of an enormous amount of post graduate training. Why is this important? Because it means that when you visit Dr. Longo, you can have absolute confidence that you are with an exceptional doctor who will deliver to you the best of care. Whether you have been in a car crash or have back pain and don’t know why, Dr. Longo is happy to help you get back on track.


Meet Dr. Longo

Dr. Kyle Lango

Personal Injury, Prenatal and Pediatrics, Disc Herniations, and Corrective Spinal Rehabilitation Chiropractor.


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