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Latin is the root of most spoken languages today and when our founder was brainstorming the name of our agency, she wanted the same meaning of her middle name (Victoria = Victorious) with an all-encompassing word, thus Victorem Consulting LLC was born.
As top marketers and branding experts know, we are always storytelling to convey messaging that matters. However, we don't just want to tell stories to sell products or services. We believe true branding requires authenticity and depth to sustain lasting impact.

The Difference: An Agency with Higher Consciousness

After pursuing formal education obtaining a BSBA Dual Major in International Business and Marketing, Victorem Consulting’s Founder, Jackie Gilliland pursued a variety of Marketing and International Operations roles prior to starting her own company.

In the process, she became further educated on how many top Marketers (CMO’s and Agency Owners alike) continue to irresponsbily use their expertise without the conscious effort of consumers’ best interest and our planet as a whole, first.

In doing research for a solution, she learned about the Triple Botton Line established by John Elkington. This principle explains how companies can effectively increase their bottom line by prioritizing PEOPLE and the PLANET as much as PROFIT.

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Victorem Consulting

It’s not just our Founder though… 71% of CONSUMERS (and growing) will choose a company or brand that is SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS over one that is not.

This statistic was published March 12, 2020 by

By selecting Victorem Consulting as your marketing partner, we can help you enhance your brand in more ways than one achieving your marketing results with a clear conscious.

To honor our values, we are selctive to only work with clients that are socially responsible thus aligned in our vision to better our world. In addition, we donate at least 10% of profit per year. Finally, we employ sales and administration staff from (a unique start-up that is helping at-risk, highly talented professionals in Venezuela find work). Our hybrid agency is like none other allowing us to deliver solutions like no one else. Our specialized services are fulfilled by niche partner agencies offering 10-20+ years of experience. Finally, we work completely virtual which means zero carbon emissions impact on the environment.

Proud to be a Certified Woman Owned Business

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