Why We’re Different


Rather than managing symptoms and waiting for medical emergencies to occur, we work to reverse chronic disease by addressing the causes of serious illness. Our team works in a cohesive manner to build your body back up, from the cellular level, to restore optimal wellness and free you from the shackles of disease. With a focus on the prevention of chronic disease, we set ourselves apart from traditional medical providers. By foregoing the use of various medications, which may relieve symptoms but often cause additional health issues, we try to engage and educate patients, so that they themselves can take ownership of their health.

Utilizing modern innovations in restorative, natural healthcare, the Empower Health team is both equipped and qualified to provide care in chiropractic, functional and regenerative modalities.

We also realize that if we can correct an acute injury we can keep it from becoming a chronic or degenerative condition in the future.  To that end, we help our chiropractic patients not only get out of pain fast, but also work towards correcting the underlying biomechanical problems that led to the pain in the first place.